Practice By Yourself

How likely is it that someone is going to want to hear you play a particular passage of a song, a plucking pattern on just one chord, or scales, over and over for five or ten minutes before moving on to another repetitious snippet of music for another equal length of time?

“My God that’s monotonous,” they are likely to say. “ Why don’t you play a real song?”

But playing a song may not be what you need to work on.

Sometimes, what really is needed, is to focus on just one chord change, one strumming pattern, or a particular picking technique – and repetition is the key to building the muscle memory needed to flex your new skill while “playing a song.” What you need is encouragement and support – not the opposite.

So honor your commitment to being a better musician by setting aside some private time to practice and fine tune the details of your playing. Then, when you’re all warmed up and those new skills are better ingrained – you’ll be able to invite others into your space to play them “a real song.”

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4 Responses to “Practice By Yourself”

  1. Emanuel Nyman Says:

    I recognize the dilemma. You get in your own little practice zone, and all of a sudden someone breaks into that sphere with a negative vibe. Commenting on stuff that doesn’t matter. Enjoy your post.

  2. Jeff West Says:

    Rhan – As always great thoughts shared. I just spent a week at the California Coast Music Camp. It was a blast. Many Classes and Jams. Cathy Fink was there had some strong comments on doing the necessary work, – Jeff

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