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What have I been doing and where have I been?

November 3, 2014

As you must surely have noticed – I haven’t posted a new article on this site for some time now.

There are two good reasons why:

One, I have been incredibly busy with performing and teaching the many topics I discuss here on this blog. My student group, The All In Good Time Orchestra, is opening this week for The United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra – quite a prestigious gig, I must say.

But the other reason I had taken a break has been to put all this material I have been writing about into a book. A book about music, rhythm, and the mindset I have found to be helpful in achieving those things.

If you have any questions about playing music – I would love to hear them as they, hopefully, can be added to the book.

Of course, you can ask me about ukulele specific things, but I am really looking for general questions about playing together – how it works, how the musician dynamic works, etc. It’s easy to look up a way to play a chord, but it’s harder to look up how one musician looks at another to convey a chord change…

All that being said – stay tuned for more posts about music, rhythm, and musical life here on All In Good Time.