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Intro to Tab/Notation Reading

September 4, 2012

I’d like to introduce to you the idea of melody playing using “tab”, or “tablature”. This is a method where you are shown the four strings of your uke (or the six of your guitar) and which fret to finger in what order. It is useful to show a particular way to play a passage, or to simply help you figure out what notes to play if you can’t read music notation.

So I have created a simple worksheet with three simple exercises show both in tab, and in musical notation.
I wrote out the C scale, a simple arpeggio in the key of C, and a little musical exercise – also in the key of C.

All these are good to know, as many songs on uke are in the key of C, and these scales can be an inspiration to doodlers everywhere!

Download this attached worksheet,

uke tab:notation C scale 2v
and watch the video for a visual explanation.