All In Good Time Band/Choir/Workshop


Wednesday nights – 6-8pm

(NOTE: Please email Rhan at: for location and schedule exceptions if you are not currently on the class mailing list.)



This class starts promptly at 6pm, so you must be here early enough to arrive, set up, and be seated by that time.
For safety reasons, we are closing and locking the door at 6pm, and opening the door during class is a distraction. Please be on time.

Please leave your purses, jackets, cases, etc. to the side and sit down with only what you need to play: instrument, stand, and music. This looks more professional, and makes it easier to move when asked.

This is simple – if you are not regularly attending class, then you are not necessarily “in the show”. Generally speaking, you should have been attending the last 4 rehearsals before a show to qualify.
Why? Because you need to know the material.


Modeled after several local community choirs, and working on the principles taught in Rhan Wilson’s online tutorial blogsite: – RHAN WILSON’S “ALL IN GOOD TIME” ORCHESTRA (AIGT) will meet once a week to learn, rehearse and focus on 2-4 songs at a time, with the goal of building a full repertoire of songs.

All instrumentation and playing levels are welcome, as well as those wishing only to sing – arrangements, parts and responsibilities will be assigned depending on ability of the individual.

A $10-$15 dues per person will be collected each week to cover the rehearsal space and to pay for instructor/director’s time, preparation, and materials.

Focus will be on dynamics, rhythm and performance, as well as learning basic songs “off book”. As a group, we may decide to create opportunities to perform publicly.

THIS IS NOT A PLAYALONG GROUP, and though the intent is to have fun as a group, socializing will only be allowed before, after, or at the short break that we will take during the workshop/rehearsal.

Participants are expected to arrive in time to pay dues to the specified group representative and get organized and ready to begin by 6pm. (There will be someone in charge of collecting dues and keeping a list for rental accounting purposes.)

Participants are to bring their music, stand, and instrument.
In order to accommodate changes in seating, players are asked to only have their instrument, music and music stand while rehearsing. Cases and personal items are to be stored away from the seating – along the side of the room.

Song suggestions will be welcome, though song selection and arrangements will be ultimately decided by Rhan, based on a variety of considerations.

Flexibility and cooperation are a must, and full attention will be expected by every one at all times. Instruction directed at any part of the group applies to everyone.

In the course of arranging the songs, here are some of the skills I want to be working on each evening:

Basic vocal warm-ups.
Basic instrumental techniques, ie: tremolo, ritards, noodling, etc.

Introduction to basics:
Learn the difference between a “swing” feel and a straight feel and how to do each. (VERY IMPORTANT!)
Tremolo on uke and other instruments
From the top
How to read tab and basic music notation

We will also be learning the very basic idea of the I, IV, and V chords and how to anticipate and remember them in different keys.
This is important, as it really helps getting your head out of the book which then lets you focus on the group and the leader. This is where the real magic can happen!

8 Responses to “All In Good Time Band/Choir/Workshop”

  1. Barb Finkle Says:

    I am looking forward to learning from you Rhan. Thanks so much for doing this!

  2. All In Good Time Class Starting Up « All In Good Time Says:

    […] You can read more about this class here! […]

  3. harriet hilker Says:

    So glad someone is inspired to get us together in this collective/community project. Good on you Rhan


  4. Susette Says:

    HELP! Where’s the “printable” music for Band/Choir? Everyone else seems to have gotten it ok. Am I blind, or just an old idiot web designer stuck in the theory of layout and unable to see beyond? I’m stuck in looping from link to link to broken link and back again.

    I’m hoping to have it before leaving for SLO this weekend. What am I missing?

    • Rhan Wilson Says:

      The printable music for this class is at a separate website. If you have attended the class and have given me your email address, then you should have been notified of the URL. I’d rather not publicize it here, as the music is intended for our class use, and may not make sense to those not taking the class.

  5. joanna Says:

    Watched the video of your “orchestra” from Open Mic night and loved it …. since my uke playing isn’t good enough to participate, could I try the singing part as an alto and use the practice snare as my instrument ?
    My feelings won’t be hurt if you say no …..

    • Rhan Wilson Says:

      My intention was and is, to have this group open to anyone playing (most) anything. Your practice snare would be welcome, though be prepared for me to be very specific as to when and how it is played. Soon, we will start to learn to read more detailed charts – somewhat like an actual orchestra.

  6. jennifer Says:

    I saw you guys last night at Joe’s benefit. Would love to join! Where could I learn to play the uke?

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