A Gift to Your Future Self – Putting it Into Orbit

One of the first chapters in my new book, All In Good Time- a Book about Playing Music for the Aspiring Ukulele Musician, talks about what I call “putting it in orbit” – a little mental device I thought of to help you deal with information you don’t yet understand. Rather than imagining a new chord, song, or concept as being “over your head” – I suggest that you imagine it in orbit up and around your head – at arms reach for the time in the future when it all clicks and you “get it.” This works, and I have had many students tell me of the moment when they “got it” and all that previously hard to understand information suddenly became clear.

But just a couple of days ago, I thought of another way to think of implementing this concept: think of it as “saving it for your future self ” – a gift, if you will, for sometime in the coming weeks, months, or even years.

Like some people who buy extra gifts and store them in a closet somewhere to be used sometime in the future when they need a gift for someone’s birthday or celebration of some sort. They don’t really know who it will go to, or when it will be needed, but they know it’s a nice gift, and they know someone at some point will benefit from it.

So the next time you are in a class or workshop, or even just listening to someone more advanced in music than you, and you don’t really understand what they are talking about – don’t let that information go over your head and fly away. Put it into orbit – or that little hall closet – and know that it’s there waiting for you to find the right time to use it. Only this time you won’t be giving to someone else – you’ll be giving it to your future self.


One Response to “A Gift to Your Future Self – Putting it Into Orbit”

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    […] stress about what you’re not learning, but rather let all that information find it’s orbit around your brain and see if there isn’t something that does make sense. Notice and observe. Don’t […]

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