The All In Good Time Orchestra Performs

While this blog is about teaching rhythm and music basics, it is also about observing ourselves and others to see how it all fits together: “it” being that thing we call life.

That being said, let me say a few things about this video I am presenting here.

First of all – it is a video taken from an Open Mic here in Santa Cruz, CA. It is the first performance of “The All In Good Time Orchestra” – a group I am leading which is based on many of the ideas I am writing about in this blog.

We meet once a week and talk about arranging, performing, and we take our time working on songs. We are learning about dynamics, rhythm, and when NOT to play. That sounds funny, I suppose, but playing is often about NOT playing: not playing during a break, NOT playing too loud, NOT rushing, etc…

But it is most certainly about playing. And confidence.

Take a look at this video and enjoy what we have been working on and know that among this group exist quite a variety of skill levels. Remember that when you think you are not good enough for something. Remember that it’s all relative, and that you can still participate in things even if you don’t think you are quite up to speed. Find a way to fit in and ask how you can do that.

When watching this video, I am especially happy and proud that so many got up there to perform for the first time and though nervous, did it anyway. Now they can put that “first timer” label away somewhere and work on a new goal.

2 Responses to “The All In Good Time Orchestra Performs”

  1. Liz Says:

    I love it and am so impressed. Well done to you all. Hope to get my gang going public before the year is out. I play electric bass so maybe I’ll do your bit Rhan! Liz from England.

  2. Chuck Says:

    What a good time. Loads of fun. Just wait until next time.

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