Flamenco on the Ukulele

I absolutely love the sound of Flamenco music, and though the masters use amazing techniques that take years to learn, there are some simple tricks you (and I) can learn in one sitting to bring a little of that flavor to the ukulele or guitar.

On a guitar, I like to play Flamenco in E, but on a uke, I prefer A, as the chord shape is the same.

Here is a short video to show you how:

14 Responses to “Flamenco on the Ukulele”

  1. Chris Says:

    I keep one uke with a low G for my beloved bluesy stuff and another with a high G for, well at the moment – clawhammer has my attention! But flamenco is coming back on my radar, thanks to a song I came across, “Written in Scars” by Jack Savoretti, with a nice little flamenco style intro. Thanks Rhan, definitely going to be doing more of this, btw, been adding a couple of harmonics in here and there, well, I like it anyway.

  2. keithmj Says:

    Hi Rhan..I have been playing around with this, would it be possible to get more of the song besides what you showed us? Thanks..Keithmj

    • Rhan Wilson Says:

      Hi there and thanks for asking. This isn’t really a “song”. It is loosely based on the song, “Malagueña”, but really, I just want you to have some chords that work well together, a fun picking technique, and let you make up your own combinations.
      Here is a video of Charo playing Malagueña using some of these techniques and a whole lot more!

  3. Liz Says:

    Thanks Rhan, that sounds so pretty. Such a fine, clear and relaxed explanation. You are a great inspitation to my little group in the UK. Happy New Year to you, Liz

    • Rhan Wilson Says:

      Thank you so much for commenting. Please feel free to ask or suggest other topics for me to address.
      How did you find me from all the way over there?

      • Liz Says:

        The wonders of the Web! Makes the world a smaller place. I found you some time ago when surfing for uke help. You have it pitched so right; starter bits and some more challenging, something for us all. I have passed you around, thanks again. I too love the low ‘g’ and may well change a few of my ukes. Liz

  4. mike Says:

    Are you using a low g on your uke?

    • Rhan Wilson Says:

      Yes, I use a low G on all my ukes. I like the “low” to “high” sound for the most part.
      As far as most of the exercises I explain in this blog, they still apply to ukes with a high G, but of course, will sound a bit different.
      Thank you for asking.

      • keithmj Says:

        I’ve heard that from several different places. I am going to change one of my Sopranos to low G also. Do you remember what strings you are using? Thanks for the info.

      • Rhan Wilson Says:

        I do not recall offhand what strings I am using.

    • Keithmj Says:

      You said that you use low G on all your ukes..Does that include the soprano and the concert ukes? If so I thought that you couldn’t on those? I have my Tenor that way but nothing else..Thanks..Keith

  5. ukulele4kids Says:

    A nice simple introduction to a flamenco strum – good stuff, thanks!

  6. steve brooks Says:

    The Flamenco bit: I LIKE it. Steve from Carmel.

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