Utter Nonsense

Not everything we do has to make sense.

Here is an exercise where you can practice your right/left hand coordination, as well as to release yourself from the notion that everything has to be familiar.
In this exercise, you play ANY notes you want on the left hand, but the trick is to play them clean and accurately while picking them with your right hand cleanly and accurately as well. Up and down, over and sideways… doesn’t matter as long as you develop your coordination between the two hands.

I do this all the time and it really helps when I want to play a melody line or solo. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

8 Responses to “Utter Nonsense”

  1. Laurie Lynch Says:

    Great little instruction session, Utter Nonsense. Exactly what I needed, I talked to you for a few minutes about my problem with the blues so this will get me started. Thanks.

    Your performance was great last night, what a lot of talent in the Uke Club. Very fun and entertaining evening!

    I’m having trouble sending this to you, hopefully you will get it, evidentally I wasn’t a member of WordPress so I’m trying again!


  2. Laurie Lynch Says:

    Great little exercise, just right for my level of ukulele playing! Loved your performance last night, great entertainment and talent from everyone! I’ll keep strumming and picking!

  3. David Says:

    Rhan, knowing that you play a number of instruments, you will appreciate this story, i think. I have been taking 5-string banjo lessons and up until last week we had been working only of Frailing/Clawhammer style. Last lesson, the instructor introduced two-finger, Thumb Lead style picking. It is an old time style before the bluegrass, three finger became “normal.” Having already seen this post, I decided to practice my new technique in this Utter Nonsense approach, just to develop a feel and sense of timing. It is working out great. So, thanks again for your posts! // david // Portland

    • Rhan Wilson Says:

      Thanks for writing. I am glad to hear that you have taken my idea and applied it to other instruments! That’s the whole idea – it isn’t just about one instrument. They are all related. Keep me posted.

  4. Jeff / Humble Uker Says:

    Rhanbo – thanks again from your humble student. I think that the Talking Heads advocated the same thing. As I started to do this exercise with my plucking fingers, I quickly realised that I do this regularly. Another YTer called Bajan Pied Piper calls this exercise “sweet nothings.” I noticed that plucking 2 strings or doing a finger roll with familiar chord shapes up and down the neck is fun too. I know, it will be revealed… all in good time my friend. Jeff

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