Let’s doodle around in the key of C

Being that there are so many ukulele songs in the key of C – it is a good thing to know how to play the C scale. With it, you can doodle around with the scale to add a little spice to your playing.

Let’s start with me explaining the chart I made for you:

I put the names of the strings over there on the left so we know which way is up and down, and the names of the first three frets, which by the way I suggest also indicate which finger to use. Keep your fingers in place, over the frets, while you play to make it a little more efficient. (By the way… technically speaking, the little metal strips are actually the frets, and where we put our fingers are the spaces between the frets.)

Now let’s start with the third finger, third fret on the A string.

Then the second finger, second fret,

Then an open A string

Third finger on the E string

First finger on the E string

Open E string

Second finger on the C string

Open C string

THERE! You just played a C scale. Please learn that. Play it high to low and low to high.

Try playing the first 3 notes, then start on the second note and play the next 3 notes, etc.

Play it in any order you want.

Now, you can pretty much play any of those notes while playing most songs that are in C – and it works fairly well over the F and G chords when all in the same song – try it and see.

Any questions? Please ask them in the comments section.

3 Responses to “Let’s doodle around in the key of C”

  1. Humble Uker Says:

    How ’bout we doodle around in the key of Bb?

  2. Brad Says:

    Thanks for the post. Playing scales on uke is actually fun!

  3. Humble Uker / El Jeffe' / or just plain Jeff Says:

    Si, Si, C esta bueno senor.

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