Think Positive

Be positive!I once read in a psychology book about the subconscious. It (the subconscious) listens to what you are saying and it, being a part of you and on your side, never allows you to be a liar. Meaning: what you say about yourself is what you will become. (Yes, this is paraphrased and simplified, but it does the job.)

One of the first and most important things I ask my students to do, is to stop saying negative statements about themselves.

Here are a few examples I have heard:

“I have no rhythm.”

“I am no good at music.”

“But I’ve always had a hard time with learning.”

I can’t stress enough how important it is to observe how often you say things like this, and restate them in a way that allows some forward movement.

You could say, “I haven’t had much rhythm” or “I have had a hard time learning things.”

This simple technique of stating something in the past allows you to make your statement, if you must, and still leaves the door open to learning and change because after all – isn’t that what you are trying to do?

Better yet, try stating some really great things about yourself like:

“I am ready to start learning all I can about…..” or

“Goodbye old me. Hello new me!”

Perhaps sometime in the past a parent or teacher or someone you trusted told you you had no talent.

They had no right to tell you that.

Perhaps you believed them.

Now you know better.


3 Responses to “Think Positive”

  1. Mary Wagstaff Says:

    Thanks for the reminder! My line is always, “I’m an artist, I love music but I am not a musician” but I am starting to feel like a musician with this little ukulele..
    Hard to change old thinking habits about ourselves, but what you say is so true!!

    Thanks for the great site…found it through Humbleuker..

    • Rhan Wilson Says:

      I am so happy to hear from you – thank you for taking the time to write.
      I am glad to hear that you already allow yourself the title of “artist” and that you are about to add “musician” , too.
      Do you play an instrument? Then you are a musician.
      I often compare myself with top notch musicians and realize that I am nowhere near their level of musicianship, but that is no reason to exclude myself from calling myself such.
      I am so glad to hear that you “get it” regarding changing how we think of ourselves, but it is so empowering!!! Let me know how you are doing with this – it would inspire me and many others, I am certain.

      Finally, regarding Jeff’s Humble Uker – what a gift he and his efforts are. I appreciate his support for this site and of course, for his friendship.


  2. Humble Uker / El Jeffe' / or just plain Jeff Says:

    Bosko & Honey visited Santa Cruz for a special event at Gino’s old wood working shop. I had a chance to talk to Honey for a little bit outside. In that conversation she said her music teacher in Japan said something like, “she should give up music because she wasn’t talented.” Now she’s a singing darling of YouTube and world reknowned!

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