Where’s the “One”?

You gotta know where to start counting.You are really going to enjoy playing music when you know how to count. And before you start counting, you need to know where the “one” is – that is, the beat that starts everything.

Sometimes it’s obvious, like the “Oogachaka” song. (“I Can’t Fight this Feeling” – the “one” is on the first “ooga”.) In the case of “Under The Boardwalk”, the one falls on the word “board”. More on that later.

For now, let’s start simple. Unless it’s a waltz, or a Beatle tune (yes, there are other exceptions) let’s assume the song is in 4-4 time. Four beats to a measure. 1-2-3-4.

Don’t even listen to music right now. Just say “One, two, three, four” over and over at a nice medium pace. Place a little more emphasis on the one while you do it – that gives your counting a bit of rhythm.

If you remember, do this while you are walking. Left foot one, right foot two, etc. Or do a little dance while counting.

But do it. Seriously. This will take practice and it will be more challenging  as we add things to do.

Remember the title of this blog, “All in good time!” This means that you need to begin to slow down and savor the little things, like simple counting. No rushing, no slowing down… just count, nice and steady.

Let me know when you have that mastered.

3 Responses to “Where’s the “One”?”

  1. Does your song have a pickup? « All In Good Time Says:

    […] Often, when we start a song, we count it in with a 1,2-1,2,3,4 and the music begins on the next “one”. (See “Where’s the One?”) […]

  2. Humble Uker / El Jeffe' / or just plain Jeff Says:

    This is so important. Many times I have gotten together with small groups and we stumble with the start. I’ll be waiting for more info…

  3. Humble Uker / El Jeffe' / or just plain Jeff Says:

    I know that this gray and white isn’t going to last very long — I’m sure the Rhan Wilson silver, black and blue will ooze in before long.

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